Fibion Sitting and Activity Analysis

Learn more in a week than using wrist-worn devices for months

Fibion Sitting and Activity Analysis is based on an accurate accelerometer technology, posture detection algorithms, and the latest scientific findings about the health associations of sitting versus physical activity on health outcomes. A week-long Fibion Analysis provides more accurate data about sitting and physical activity habits with only one week of measurement than the consumer trackers are able to provide during habitual use. For more information, see our validation study.

Fibion recognizes the sitting and standing periods, light and brisk walking, cycling as well as vigorous physical activities like running. Fibion analyses the energy expenditure and health effects of the various activity types based on your personalbackground information. As a result, you get a versatile and understandable Fibion Report, which tells if you meet the current sitting and physical activity recommendations and if the sitting and physical activity are in balance for your personal health benefits.


How does the Service work in Practise?

You will receive the Fibion product package with a measurement device, aka Fibion Device, via mail. Keep the Fibion Device in the front pocket of your trousers, or use the included thigh strap, for a week excluding sleeping, shower, water and contact sports. If you cannot wear the Fibion Device for the recommended and maximum of 7 days, wear it the minimum of three days at least. After the measurement period, fill in your personal information to the accompanying background information card, put all the Fibion gear back to the return envelope, and drop it to mail.

After the Fibion experts have received your measurement data inside the Fibion Device, within a few days you will receive a link to your personal analysis report and video feedback. In the printable online Fibion Report, you will see personalized recommendations how to make weight management easier and to promote your health with physical everyday activities. If needed at any point, ask further instructions and help from the Fibion helpdesk.

Health Technology Company Fibion at Your Service

Fibion was born as a result of years-long scientific research at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. The founding partners Arto Pesola, PhD (Sport and Health), and Olli Tikkanen, PhD (Sport and Health), have finalized their doctoral theses about the measurement and health effects of daily sitting and physical activity patterns. Inspired by the interest and good feedback received from the research project participants, they decided to make the research findings available for general public through Fibion Inc. After being founded in 2014, Fibion has established itself as a trusted tool of health and wellness professionals. The biggest clients in Finland include Medical Center Aava and the Finnish Defence Forces. Fibion is Good News from Finland!

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